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As a Titan VIP Club member, you will get the most out of your poker experience with exclusive freerolls as well as great rewards and benefits.

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Welcome to Titan Poker’s VIP Club where you can earn industry leading rewards and receive special offers. It’s so easy to make the most out of your games and get the benefits to which you are entitled.

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VIP Program

Titan Poker enables you to benefit from one of the most rewarding and comprehensive VIP Club's in the online poker world!

The more Titan Points you generate, the higher the VIP Level you can obtain, meaning better rewards and exclusive promotions.


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Titan VIP


Club Points

VIP Club



















15,000 and up


Gladiators Race

You can see all the VIP tournaments at Titan Poker in the schedules section or in the software under Special Offers >> Titan VIP Specials.

VIP levels are determined by points generated during gameplay over the course of a month and are updated instantaneously so you can enjoy your VIP level benefits right away, even though you started the month at a lower level.

In addition to this, your highest VIP level achieved within a month will carry over with you to the new month. This way you can enjoy all of the benefits for an extra month.

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Earning Points

As you play cash games and tournaments, you automatically earn two types of Points.

Titan Points are earned equally by all players every time you contribute money into the pot of a raked hand and determine your VIP level.

Club Points are awarded to players based on their VIP level and can be exchanged for a wide range of benefits.


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Titan Points: You receive Titan Points based on the amount of rake you contribute in that hand. The more rake you contribute to a pot, the more Titan Points you will receive.

Titan Points count towards your VIP status. The more you generate, the higher your VIP level and rewards.

Players Rake/Tournament Fees Points
$1 17.6
€1 20
£1 22.8

Club Points: Club Points are awarded automatically every time you generate Titan Points. As you climb the VIP level ladder, you are assigned a higher Club Points Booster. Club Points can be used to exchange for Cash Bonuses and Tournament Tokens in the VIP Club store.

The Club Points BOOSTER helps you get even better rewards!  The value of your BOOSTER is based on your VIP Level: the higher your VIP Level, the more Club Points per Titan Points you will generate.

For example:

You are a VIP Emerald with a Booster of 1.2.  You sit and play a session generating 100 Titan Points. This means that you have also generated 120 Club Points.  If you held the exclusive position of VIP Diamond, for the same session of 100 Titan Points, you would have earned 150 Club Points.


Using your Club Points

Club Points are awarded automatically every time a player generates Titan Points and can be used in the VIP Club store to purchase Cash Bonuses and Tournament Tokens.


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Swap your Club Points for cash:

Points Redeemed Reward Points for each reward dollar
5,000 $25 200
8,500 $50 170
15,600 $100 156
30,000 $200 150
57,000 $400 142.5
95,000 $800 118.75
169,000 $1,500 112.67
418,000 $4,000 104.5
788,000 $8,000 98.5


Swap your Club Points for tokens:

Points Redeemed Token Points per EUR Value
350 Points €1 Tournament Token 350 €1
600 Points €2 Tournament Token 300 €2
600 Points Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go Token 300 €2
800 Points €3 Tournament Token 267 €2
1,100 Points €5 Tournament Token 220 €5
1,100 Points Maui Jackpot Sit N Go Token 220 €6
1,900 Points €10 Tournament Token 190 €10
3,700 Points €20 Tournament Token 185 €20
3,700 Points Rio Jackpot Sit N Go Token 185 €20
5,400 Points €30 Tournament Token 180 €30
7,000 Points €40 Tournament Token 175 €40
7,000 Points Fort Knox Jackpot Sit N Go Token 175 €40
8,250 Points €50 Tournament Token 165 €50
12,000 Points €75 Tournament Token 160 €75
14,500 Points €100 Tournament Token 145 €100
21,000 Points €150 Tournament Token 140 €150
25,000 Points €200 Tournament Token 125 €200

Swap your Club Points for casino bonuses:

Points Redeemed Bonus Points for each reward dollar
600 $5 120
1,000 $10 100
1,800 $20 90
3,500 $40 88
5,000 $60 83
8,000 $100 80
18,000 $250 72

Click here the Titan Poker VIP Club terms and conditions.

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When? What to do? What can you win? Who can join? Important!
Every week (bonuses issued Mondays) Generate at least 100 Titan Points in a week No limit! VIP 2 (Amethyst) and higher Players need to OPT IN once in order to receive prizes

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