How I Won the Twister Jackpot

Guest Post by Armando Ferreira, June 2, 2014

Armando FerreiraBefore I talk about myself, I would like to let you know that I think the Twister sit 'n' go format is something really innovating and something that Titan Poker should register and patent right away if it is a true exclusive. It's unique and could be very profitable if you registered the patent. If not, every poker room will have that type of game, and each one will give it its own name.

Now about my win! I've never been a winning player. My overall, all-time record is still negative, but what happened last Thursday changed my way of seeing the game.

I was taking a break. I wasn't playing for a few weeks. And then on Thursday morning (May 22nd) I received a phone call from a strange number and I was not sure if I should answer it! Someone from Titan Poker was on the line (I don't remember the name of the assistant who called me, but I would like to give him a HUGE thank you!) and said that I have a free $5 bonus waiting for me to play with in the poker room. This equals €3.67 or something like that.

I logged into the software and started playing some Twisters. I have always enjoyed the turbo action, and this style of sit 'n' go is just perfect for my kind of game. I started with my €3 and managed to get up to €4. Then I had enough to multi-table the Twister sit 'n' go. I opened 4 tables, and 3 were for a prize of €2 and the fourth one said the winner would get €1,000!

At first I was not sure this was really happening. And then the tournament started. Only 5 hands were played and I was aggressive enough to get 1/5 of the stack of each opponent. Then, the 2 players decided to push. I had JJ and could not resist calling. TT and A7 were the hands I was against, but nothing hit, I was the stronger one. I won the hand, and therefore, the tournament.

Even though my account balance was suddenly showing €1,004, I couldn't believe that I had actually won the jackpot. The payout was faster than I would ever have imagined. I simply have no words to describe the elegance of Titan Poker, regarding the support, and even the promotions of which I am now taking advantage.

Twister jackpot

I hope to keep up my good work. Now I'm applying myself to only grinding at the Twister sit 'n' go poker tournaments. It's the perfect combination of hyper-turbo with the twist of playing big prize pools against only 2 opponents. It's the game I'm most comfortable at.

Hopefully with the comfortable bankroll I have, and playing regularly at the €1 Twister tables, I will go up and up. I hope one day hope to represent Titan Poker, this amazing poker room. I just hope to keep the wins coming and make it there!

My nickname (ILoveJB) was inspired by poker pro Phil Galfond. He stated the belief that having a nickname like this, normal players wouldn't be too serious playing against him. They would think they're playing with an average donk who knows nothing about the game. I can say for sure that it has made a few players tilt! I hope players don't know who I really am when they find me at the Twister tables!

Twister jackpot

Thanks you once again for letting me share my history. If there is anything else I can help with I am more than willing to cooperate.

Hope to keep the amazing relation with all the support on Titan Poker. I have no words to describe the good service, fast response in every matter, and even calling me to have the greatest luck ever!!

Editor's note: See our previous article "Lautaro "lauchon33" Mayon Captures Biggest Twister Prize".

Armando Ferreira

Armando Ferreira is from Portugal and plays at Titan Poker with the nickname "ILoveJB".



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