Titan Poker Winners 2015

To succeed at poker is the dream of many and the following people have made themselves Titan Poker legends by achieving deserved success through skillful poker play.

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BelarusDima Perapechka

Dima Perapechka

Player from Belarus - Nickname "iDzimmm"

Dima took the Maui Jackpot by storm and won a colossal total of €67,000 on December 29th! We caught up with Dima to hear about his strategies and his experience in playing this tournament.

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PolandManuel Ruivo

Manuel Ruivo

Player from Poland - Nickname "eltxupacabrass"

Manuel won in first place and took home a massive prize of €50,409 in the iPOPS €250,000 Main Event on November 8th 2015!

"It's amazing to have won the main event of the IPOPS, more than the money, it's the accomplishment".

BelarusDzmitry Ratsko

Dzmitry Ratsko

Player from Belarus - Nickname "placebome" 

Dzimtry finished in 1st place in the Thursday iPOPS-9H €25,000 Gtd and was awarded the top prize of €5,500 on November 5th 2015!

"No skill, just luck"




Player from Germany - Nickname "LosNitramos" 

LosNitramos won 1st place in the iPOPS-M €50,000 Main Event and took home an incredible prize of €12,156 on October 4th 2015! Check out our interesting interview with him here.

"In order to live, you must be willing to die"


BrazilBruno Volkmann

Bruno Volkmann

Player from Brazil - Nickname "brunovolks" 

Bruno finished in 1st place in the €25,000 Grand Tuesday and won a prize of €7,048.01 on September 22nd 2015!

"Don't play for the money. Play for the fun"




Player from Poland - Nickname "ZmasowanyDonczur" 

ZmasowanyDonczur came in second place in the €100,000 Big Sunday on July 5th, taking home €12,200!

"Whoever doesn't take the risk, doesn't drink the champagne"


UkraineYuriy Zdanovskiy

Yuriy Zdanovskiy

Player from Ukraine - Nickname "AdgaMadga" 

Yuriy won 1st place in the €20,000 Grand Friday and took home a great prize of €4,560 on June 12th 2015!

"Easy come, easy go!"


BrazilHigor Alves Batista

Higor Alves Batista

Player from Brazil - Nickname "TTRRN" 

Higor came in 3rd place in the €100,000 Big Sunday on May 24th 2015 and took home a prize of 9,200 with him!


ArgentinaEzequiel Waigel

Ezequiel Waigel

Player from Argentina - Nickname "lafiera88" 

Ezequiel came in at 2nd place winning €12,475.21 in the iPOPS-3H €75,000 Gtd on May 5th 2015!

"Persevere and you will triumph."

RussiaIlya Barminov

Ilya Barminov

Player from Russia - Nickname "BarminovIlya" 

Ilya finished in 1st place and won an awesome prize of € 4,690 in the €25,000 Sunday Warm up  on May 3rd 2015!

"Always strive and prosper."


SwedenOlof Ekelund

Olof Ekelund

Player from Sweden - Nickname "Hangoover99" 

Olof finished in 1st place in the €20,000 Grand Saturday and won a prize of €4,106.28 on April 25th 2015!

"Always have positive attitude to the game and work hard on your game, and then the results will come. "

Russia hiBBster77


Player from Russia - " hiBBster77"

hiBBster77 walked away in 2nd place with €3,000.00 on April 18th in the €20,000 Grand Saturday!

BelarusEughene Khvalko

Eughene Khvalko

Player from Belarus - Nickname "Shhafer"

Eughene claimed 2nd place and won his prize of €3,825.00 in the €30,000 Grand Sunday on April 5th!

" It's all good luck and a good game, with Titan Poker."




Player from Ukraine - Nickname "Winterman24" 

Winterman24 won a big €5,000 after playing the Twister €5 SNG on March 31st! 

"Believe in your strengths."



Player from Ukraine - Nickname "Romtchyk"

Romtchyk won €1,000 after playing the Twister €1 SNG on March 30th in less than 10 minutes!


UkraineOleksandr Chasovnykov

Oleksandr Chasovnykov

Player from Ukraine - Nickname "Alexdon74"

Oleksandr won 3rd place and took home €2,900.00 in the €30,000 Grand Sunday on March 29th!

"Button-fold - it sometimes helps to win tournament."

HungaryPeter Sarga

Peter Sarga

Player from Hungary - Nickname "TITANBIDO"

Peter won €2,000 in the Twister €2 SNG Tournament on March 16th!

"You need a different type of strategy than that used at other tournaments, you need good luck with good hands."

New ZealandRafael Watanabe

Rafael Watanabe

Player from New Zealand - Nickname "keybr"

Rafael won 1st place with the prize winnings of €6,500.00 in the €30,000 Sunday Masters on March 15th!

"Play many many tournaments and your day will come for sure!  Work hard, play hard!"

IrelandDavid Scully

David Scully

Player from Ireland - Nickname "SchitzPopinov"

David claimed second place taking home €3,864.00 in the €30,000 Grand Sunday on March 8th!

“I’d like to thank Dan Rankin for his work within the community, our inspiration, my little piglet. I’d like to thank SOLOMUN & Lee Foss. The Grid does not negotiate with nits. Play at Titan."



Player from Sweden - Nickname "oberoendee"

Marcus placed fourth in the €100,000 Big Sunday on March 1st and collected a prize of 63,677.41 kr!

"'Oberoende', is a Swedish word for independence and self-reliance. That is how I want to play poker."



RussiaMarina Nenasheva

Marina Nenasheva

Player from Russia - Nickname "Miniscella"

Marina won €1,000 after playing the Twister €1 SNG on February 23!

"Good luck to all the players and remember to always respect your opponent."

BelarusKiryl Radzivonau

Kiryl Radzivonau

Player from Belarus - Nickname "crazymoron"

Kiryl finished 3rd, winning €1,600 in the €10,000 Sunday Eclipse on January 4th!

Kiryl had another impressive finish on February 23rd in the €25,000 Grand Monday, where he placed 2nd and claimed a prize of $4,837.24!

"May the nit players not stand in your way".

UkraineArtur Chekailo

Artur Chekailo

Player from Ukraine - Nickname "luideman"

Artur finished in first place at the €20,000 Grand Saturday on January 24th, and was awarded the top prize of €4,090!

Artur took down his second €20,000 Grand Saturday tournament this year on February 21st and claimed another top prize of €4,436.58!

"The more tournaments you play, the better chance you have to win. Play poker, love poker, live poker!"

Artur told us that he has been playing poker for real money since 2010. His strategy is to play solid/tight in the early levels of a big tournament and then "switch gears" to more aggressive play. After his latest win, he plans to play even more tournaments.

MaltaCasper Fausholt

Casper Fausholt

Player from Malta - Nickname "WeakHoldingsAPS"

Casper took down the €10,000 Grand Thursday tournament on February 19th and claimed the top prize of €2,695!

"You are all great players and don't let anyone tell you differently."

CanadaSebastian Sikorski

Sebastian Sikorski

Player from Canada - Nickname "p0000cket0000"

Sebastian won 3rd place, taking home €3,933.00 in the €25,000 Grand Tuesday on February 17th!

"I have always enjoyed playing on Titan Poker, the interactive software and entertaining table chat always makes for a good time! Stay focused and have fun! Good luck at the tables everybody!"

CanadaJordan McAllister

Jordan McAllister

Player from Canada - Nickname "EZmoney12"

Jordan placed 3rd and claimed a prize of €10,500.00 in the €100,000 Big Sunday on February 8th!

Jordan had another big finish this month, placing 2nd in the €25,000 Grand Monday and collecting a €4,500.00 prize on February 16th!

"How about some American airlines, eh? Ship the cheddar. Work hard, patience and persistence pays off."

Read our previous interview with Jordan McAllister.



Player Nickname "Pessagnoo"

Pessagnoo finished second and collected a €5,695.53 prize in the €25,000 Grand Tuesday on February 11th!

"Play a lot of tournaments and your time will come."



Player from Germany - Nickname "LuxSteel"

LuxSteel won €3,891.60 by finishing 3rd in the €25,000 Grand Tuesday on February 3rd!

"Trust everyone, but always cut the cards."

PakistanFaraz Ahmed

Faraz Ahmed

Player from Pakistan - Nickname "manhasdad"

Faraz scored a €2,000 Jackpot playing in a €2 Twister SNG on February 2nd!

"Keep playing Twister, you could be next"

Faraz told us he knew he was playing for the jackpot, and "that made the game that much harder." He said, "I only play Twister games and none other mainly because as someone who has no poker skills, I can achieve a lot more on Twisters than on normal tournaments."



UkraineMax Bidyuk

Max Bidyuk

Player from Ukraine - Nickname "MaxBMM88"

Max was awarded the top prize of €3,941.19 after finishing first in the JS €20,000 Grand Saturday on January 31st!

"Play aggressively, put the pressure on your opponent's weak spots, and win the coin flips!"

BelarusPaniavin Dzimitry

Paniavin Dzimitry

Player from Belarus - Nickname "TheKeyOfDream"

Paniavin hit the jackpot in a €2 Twister SNG and won on January 31st. It took him less than 4 minutes to turn €2 into €2,000!

"My advice to all players: Enjoy the game!"

IrelandCiaran Commins

Ciaran Commins

Player from Ireland - Nickname "bubbleciaran"

Ciaran claimed the top prize of €6,245.71 in the €25,000 Grand Friday on January 23rd!

"Never forget, you can't bluff idiots"

Ciaran told us in a short interview that he is a student from Galway, Ireland. He has been playing poker for 10 years, after starting in a local pub game.

In the €25,000 Grand Friday tourney, he got a big stack early on and tried to keep it. "I was in top 5 stacks all the way, had to fold some big hands including AK and QQ pre flop," he said.

One key moment was when he "pushed with AQ 4 handed with level stacks and got called with K10, board K-10-x-x-J, also pulled off a huge semi bluff 5 handed with a draw."

RussiaAnton Afanasev

Anton Afanasev

Player from Russia - Nickname "KuraRyaba"

Anton won €6,510 on Sunday, January 18th in the €30,000 Sunday Masters finishing in 1st place!

"My strategy is trying to find mistakes in my opponents games and then try to exploit them".

RussiaVitalyi Kuznietsov

Vitalyi Kuznietsov

Player from Russia - Nickname "kuzichka"

Vitalyi took home €2,140.00 finishing 4th in the €30,000 Grand Sunday on January 11th.

"Many people think that winning is luck. That's wrong! Winning is a combination of hard work and talent".

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