Great Success at 2016 Irish Open Main Event

Posted by Titan Poker staff, April 12, 2016

Lithuanian player Rokas Barzdzius

Titan Poker sent a small, but very talented delegation of players to participate in the 2016 Irish Open Main Event staged in Dublin in March. Czech player Petr Vejmelka finished in 6th place and won €22,500; Rokas Barzdzius from Lithuania finished 14th and won €10,000; and Pavel Chalupka from Austria finished 45th and won €4,010. Dmytro Gukov (Ukraine) and Michael Perez (Switzerland) also played the Irish Open.

Petr, an experienced player who has previously played the WSOP, EPT, PCPC (Punta Cana Poker Classics), and the CPT (Caribbean Poker Tour), clearly remembers his final hand of the tournament. As described on the official Irish Poker blog, he was kicked out as part of a double elimination at Level 30, with 50,000-100,000 Blinds, Ante 10,000.

The action kicked off with a raise to 200,000 by Michael Conaty and Petr Vejmelka shoved the button for 1,710,000. David Costello in the big blind asked for the exact count, checked his own stack and then announced all in himself. It was for 2,460,000 and thus he had the Czech covered.

Conaty initially said he had no clue what was going on, gave it some more thought and then called. His rail rushed to the table and found their friend in dominating shape to bust two players.

Vejmelka: Ah10d

Costello: AdQs

Conaty: AcKh

"King ball!!!" demanded Conaty's rail and the dealer obliged, putting a flop of Kd8c2c. Running deuces were the next request, but they didn't mind the 8h turn either as both short stacks were drawing dead. A blank 6s river reduced the tournament from six to four and Conaty moved up to 8,850,000.

Conaty, from Ireland, would finish the tournament in second place as fellow countryman Daniel Wilson won the title for a €150,000 prize.

Czech player Petr Vejmelka



Success at the Irish Open

Lithuanian player Rokas Barzdzius said he was eliminated by a Russian player. “Approaching the bubble I was a very short stacked, so I had to pick up the spots to play really carefully. I remember open folding 99 or AJ in early positions, and 3-bet shoving with KQo, A5 against aggressive players being in front. Step by step I climbed to the final day of the tournament, however had to leave it first as I ran into aggressive type opponent's AKs (BTN) with my A9s in CO.”

Rokas said this year's Irish Open field "wasn't the toughest competition." He said he played the event for the second year in a row and "this year it was more successful."

Rokas said he was glad that Titan Poker offers the possibility to qualify for live events, but noted that the Super Satellites were a bit too cheap based on the value of the packages awarded to winners. He suggested raising the Super Satellite entry fees so that more players would qualify for live events.

Austrian poker player Pavel Chalupka finished 12th in the 2015 Irish Open (€15,700 prize), better than his 45th place finish this year. His gameplay was mentioned on the Irish Open blog describing a hand played at Level 8, 300-600 Blinds, Ante 75.

A massive pot towards the end could have vaulted Pavel Chalupka into the lead, instead it was Fraser Bellamy who scooped the big pot. One player limped, Bellamy made it 2,800 to go and Chalupka called, as did the third player.

On the Qd8s4d flop all three checked. Chalupka then bet the 3s turn for 3,000 and Bellamy raised big to 17,000 with the Slovakian calling. The 10h river completed the board and Bellamy overjammed the pot for 60,000.

Chalupka was on the brink of calling three times but eventually let go of his ace-queen, Bellamy mucked his cards high and the Ks6s for a bluff were visible briefly.

This hand was the last in play on Day 1 of the 2016 Irish Open Main Event and when the action concluded, Pavel was chipleader, a lead which unfortunately he could not maintain as he finished in 45th place.

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