Why Poker Is Better Than Sex

What are you going to do tonight? You can always go over to your girlfriend's apartment because you know you might just get lucky there. After all, what is better than sex? Or you could join your mates for a hot game of poker. Hey, you might just get lucky there! So, which is better, sex or poker? Well, we've done a lot of research on the subject and we can conclude that poker is definitely better! Listed below are the "Top 14 Reasons Why Poker Is Better Than Sex". Take a look and if you laugh, share this with friends!

Why Poker Is Better Than Sex

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1. Sex is good, but Poker lasts longer.

2. You can still get lucky even without showering or shaving.

3. Once you finish a session, you can start a new one right away.

4. You can play any opponent, even if they're 25 years younger, or older than you.

5. Sometimes Poker pays you, and it always welcomes you back for more.

6. Playing with a lot of partners is allowed, and in fact, threesomes and foursomes are welcome.

7. You never have to apologize for a bad hand. Just get right back in the action and play some more.

8. You can eat, or watch television, or smoke, or listen to music, or get a massage, while you play.

9. You'll never hear an opponent complain, "Not now, I have a headache."

10. Your game can last as long as you want.

11. Your opponents won't care how inexperienced you are, and in fact will probably welcome this.

12. There is no need for wining, dining, or foreplay. You can jump right into the fun stuff.

13. You can watch how others play, and no one will get mad.

14. You can switch partners with no need to explain yourself.

And, 7 reasons how they are similar.

1. Playing alone is not as fun.

2. You must make sure to take adequate forms of protection.

3. Having a good hand is not enough. You have to know how to use it.

4. Everyone claims to have a big pair.

5. There are frequently risks involved, so it's best to be cautious.

6. You need to know when to bluff.

7. The size of your stack is important.

Still not convinced that poker is better than sex? Play at Titan Poker and check out the poker action. As for the sex, you'll have to check that out on your own.


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