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If you're playing at an online poker site and you can't discriminate between card values and you can't clearly decipher your hand of cards, there is no sense in playing at that site. We are proud of our gaming room at Titan Poker, and the fact that there are 30,000 players at peak times playing their favorite poker games on our site. One of the reasons that so many poker players chose to participate in online poker competitions on our site is because we use the gambling software of Playtech to add to your online gambling experience.

We use Playtech at Titan Poker because it has proven over the years to be the top online poker software manufacturer on the World Wide Web. Playtech Ltd. (PTEC.L) is the top gaming software development company serving us at Titan Poker since we first came online in 2005. Playtech was founded in 1999 and has built a stellar reputation over that period of time for clarity, consistency, and as being a leader in online gambling software development.

Playtech has propelled major advances in poker technology over the past decade, and we at Titan Poker have been proud of our collaboration - the largest online poker software provider collaborating with the largest online poker room to produce the greatest poker site on the Internet. When you play in our poker room, you are playing at the best Ipoker Network room out there while experiencing both the unique look and feel of a live poker game

The Playtech software is also the most secure online poker software on the 'Net, and this is of prime importance to our players as well as ourselves. We pride ourselves on the fact that we try to make you feel completely comfortable playing online poker at one of our classy tables, and we go to great ends to ensure that your play is 100% secure. Playtech augments this feel of total security by providing great graphics in terms of card brightness and sharpness so that there is no card confusion on your part.

Additionally, Playtech affords players options such as buddy lists, players' notes, in-game hand histories and free and secure downloads. The great thing about downloading the Playtech gambling software is that it takes you virtually no time at all to complete the process.

For these reasons, we at Titan Poker feel that our collaboration with Playtech has buoyed the online poker experience for our players, and that it is the basic reason for your patronage which we wholeheartedly appreciate.

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