Winner Takes All in Flip and Go Tourneys

Posted by Steven, January 25, 2012

Flip and Go TournamentsThe action is as fast as it comes. As in any sit ‘n’ go tournament, play begins at the Flip and Go tourneys the minute the table fills with the required number of players. But the instant the action begins is the exact same moment when the action ends. Unlike other tournaments, Flip and Go tables are played for one hand only. And the winner takes all.

How can that be? One hand doesn’t allow a player to build a strategy based both on the strength of his cards and also on the knowledge he can gain by seeing how his opponents act, and react to the actions on the table. But one hand allows for something else, not seen in other types of tournaments. It adds an element of fast-paced chance. The luck of the deal on the very first (and only) hand will determine who the winner will be. And sometimes, as we all know, Lady Luck is on our side and deals us the best possible cards.

Flip and Go sit ‘n’ go tourneys were added to the wide variety of tournaments in the Titan Poker software earlier this week and already they are attracting a growing number of enthusiasts. Some players come to try out the new tournament to see what everyone else is talking about, while others have quickly become loyal fans, ready to face opponents for one hand of poker at all hours of the day and night.

Flip and Go sit ‘n’ go tournaments are available for 2, 4, 6, and 10 players, and at buy-ins ranging from $0.50 + $0.01 up to high roller tables with entries of $250 + $5. As many players have already noticed, the fees at the Flip and Go tables are drastically reduced. Almost all of the cash that leaves a player’s pocket when he joins these tournaments goes to the pot in the middle of the table.

Do you have Lady Luck on your side? Think you can sit down and hit the highest poker hand on the very first deal? If so, you’ll find a welcome home at the new Flip and Go tournaments.

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