German Wins Record Double Challenge

Posted by Steven, January 11, 2012

“engel1508” wins both tournaments, receives $5,795.50 prize

Double ChallengeHow easy is it to multi-table at two tournaments and win them both simultaneously? That’s the challenge of Titan Poker’s nightly Double Challenge tournaments. A progressive jackpot prize is offered to anyone who manages to accomplish this task. Entries are only $1+$1, making them affordable to everyone, however, it’s not so simple to win them both on the same night.

The Double Challenge progressive jackpot was last won on September 17th, when "Burbon11" from Spain captured it for a $2,170 prize. Up until now, the record Double Challenge jackpot has held since May when “Jcambi” from Argentina won $5,356.

On Monday, 97 players entered the Double Challenge tournament at 21:35 GMT, and 88 players joined the action of the second Double Challenge tournament at 21:40 GMT. Both tournaments ran in parallel for just over 2 hours and 40 minutes, and when they reached the heads-up stage, “engel1508” was just two final opponents away from winning the jackpot.

In the first tournament, it only took two hands of heads-up play to defeat “sadie1962” from Canada. In the final hand, “engel1508” was holding A Q and a second queen appeared on the flop, which was good enough against the Canadian’s T 9 of diamonds.

Barely five minutes later, just one hand of heads-up played out between “engel1508” and fellow German player "eopbg". “engel1508” held K 4, against the J 2 of "eopbg". Nothing exciting appeared on the flop or turn. The river brought a 4, and when "eopbg" went all-in on a bluff, “engel1508” called and the pair of fours delivered the tournament win and the Double Challenge Jackpot prize.

After “engel1508” received the record $5,795.50 prize, the Double Challenge progressive jackpot was reset. It will continue to grow on a daily basis until another skillful player manages to win both of the tournaments on the same night.

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