Australian Hits Flush to Win $200,000 Gtd

Posted by Bradley, January 16, 2012

$200,000 GuaranteedOn the last hand of the $200,000 Guaranteed, Australian “WRHearst” was ahead of his opponent “riverbuck” by a 2-1 advantage in chips. His pocket cards were 9 7 of diamonds, and he made a small bet. “riverbuck” was holding A K unsuited, and he raised, which the Australian called.

The flop delivered an ace of spades, and Q T of diamonds. “riverbuck” made a bet on the strength of his aces, and “WRHearst” raised with his four diamonds. The turn brought the eight of diamonds. When “riverbuck” checked, “WRHearst” bet his entire stack. “riverbuck” called, only to lose everything when it was revealed that “WRHearst” had hit his flush.

For his first place finish in the tournament, “WRHearst” received $34,136, while “riverbuck” had to settle for the second place prize of $25,100.

A total of 1,004 players started the $200,000 Guaranteed yesterday, the biggest event on Titan Poker’s weekly tournament schedule. The action lasted six and a half hours until “WRHearst” managed to eliminate his final opponent. The two played 24 hands of heads-up, during which the Australian managed to maintain his lead until he finally succeeded in taking down the event.

Titan Poker player “faktorial” from Russia finished in 4th place in the tournament for a prize of $13,654.40.

The $200,000 Guaranteed is staged on Sundays at 18:00 GMT. Direct entries are $200+$15, but players can win their seat at one of Titan Poker’s ongoing sit ‘n’ go and scheduled satellite tournaments. Stage 3 qualifiers start with buy-ins as low as $0.16.

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