Odds Calculations for Advanced Players - 2

There's a lot of data in this outs chart, but don't bother memorizing most of it. After all, how often are you going to stick around when you hold a hand with just three outs? Nevertheless, you should memorize the percentages and odds for 9 outs (flush draw); 8 outs (open-ended straight draw); and four outs (two-pair draw). Even if you can't compute the others in the heat of battle, you can interpolate. Each additional out adds between 3 and 4 percentage points to your chances. If you have 12 outs and know that a 9-out hand has a 35 percent chance of improving, you won't be too far afield if you assume your chances of winning are between 43 and 47 percent. It's even easier when you're playing hold'em online, because you can keep the chart nearby for reference!

Since you have no control over the cards that will be dealt, you can only focus on making plays with positive expectations by using odds calculations. Over the long-run, you can be sure that this strategy will pay off. Remember, what separates winners from the rest of the pack is this simple fact: winning players take the gamble out of poker.


Odds Calculations Chart

Outs Chance of Success Odds Against Success
15 54.1% 0.8-to-1
14 51.2% 1.0-to-1
13 48.1% 1.1-to-1
12 45.0% 1.2-to-1
11 41.7% 1.4-to-1
10 38.4% 1.6-to-1
9 35.0% 1.9-to-1
8 31.5% 2.2-to-1
7 27.8% 2.6-to-1
6 24.1% 3.1-to-1
5 20.3% 3.9-to-1
4 16.5% 5.1-to-1
3 12.5% 7.0-to-1
2 8.4% 10.9-to-1
1 4.3% 22.3-to-1


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