Texas Hold'em Poker Guide

Texas Hold'em is the most popular version of poker and is played in casinos, tournaments, and online by millions of avid poker players all over the world.

If you're already an expert at the game, download the free poker software and start playing online Texas Hold'em Poker now. This Texas Hold'em Guide will get you up to speed on the most popular poker game.

Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em is without a doubt the most popular form of poker, with more and more people playing it in casinos, at tournaments, and online, from the comfort of their homes. Texas Hold’em Poker’s popularity surged in the 2000s due to its exposure on television and the growing number of its adherents on the Internet.

The World Series of Poker and other major poker events are regularly broadcast on mainstream television channels and the introduction of hole cards cameras gave viewers an insight to the poker player’s mindset. The amazing success of Chris Moneymaker, when he made his way from a small investment at an online poker room to winning the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event, gave poker players around the world the hope that they would repeat that rags-to-riches story.


Is poker easy to play?

The rules of Texas Hold'em Poker are simple. But mastering the game is something else altogether.


The game of poker has also been popularized by a number of well-received motion pictures, from “Rounders” in 1998 to the 2006 James Bond flick “Casino Royale”.

The game of poker continues to be enjoyed by players everywhere. The regulation of the game in Europe and recent legislation in a number of states in the U.S. will again allow online poker players the chance to play their favorite game in its online form.


                                       poker is a combination of luck and skill

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker & Rules

The basic rules of Texas Hold'em Poker are simple. Players are dealt two pocket cards (also known as hole cards), and try to combine them with shared community cards to form the best possible poker hand. Two players place Small and Big Blinds to ensure that each hand has a pot, and all players can select to call, raise or fold through a number of betting rounds. The community cards are revealed in stages. The flop is dealt and three cards are shown face up in the center of the table. Next is the one card of the turn. The final card is called the river.

According to standard Texas Hold'em poker rules, if only one player remains in the hand during any stage of the game, he receives the entire pot of accumulated bets. If two or more players make it all the way through the river card with matched bets, there is a showdown, and the best poker hand wins the pot. If the remaining hands are tied, the pot is ‘chopped’ (split between them).

Read more about the standard rules of Texas Hold’em Poker.

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Poker Hands

Like most varieties of poker, Texas Hold’em is a game where the player with the best (highest) hand wins. When you first learn to play Texas Hold’em Poker, or any type of poker for that matter, you need to learn the poker hands ranking and understand which the best hands are. The best poker hand one could have is a Royal Flush, the top five cards (starting with ace), all of the same suit. A flush will always beat a straight, and three of a kind will always beat two pair. That’s basic to the game of poker.

Sometimes, two or more players will tie by having the same exact poker hand at the showdown. In such a case, the pot is split between the winners. In other cases, two or more players will have the same hand, such as one pair, but the pot will be awarded to the player who has the best kicker, meaning the highest card not included in that pair.

To fully understand poker hands, check out our table of poker hands ranking.

Basic Poker Tutorial

Texas Hold’em is a simple game to learn, but a difficult game to master. In order to teach you the ropes of this popular poker game we’ve prepared a poker guide and poker tutorial, to quickly bring you up to speed.

To start learning about Texas Hold’em Poker, read the articles of our basic poker lessons.

Texas Hold'em Tips

One of the most important ways of learning how to play Texas Hold'em Poker is by following the poker advice offered by other, more experienced players.

We've collected a long list of valuable poker tips. Each poker tip can be quickly learned and will help you to improve your game. Some of the tips are suitable for live poker games, while others can be utilized when you're playing a game of online poker.

Improve you poker game by reading our Texas Hold'em tips.

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Poker Strategy

When you're playing poker, Texas Hold'em strategy, when followed, can make all the difference between winning and losing. We've collected a number of in-depth poker strategy articles in one place, giving you a virtual school to improve your Texas Hold'em game play. The Titan Poker Academy is divided into two sections. The poker basics are explained in the Beginners Club, while advanced poker strategy and techniques are detailed in the articles included in the Professionals Club.

The articles included in the Titan Poker Academy provide explanations about simple poker principles, from blinds to odds. There is detailed information about money management and odds calculations, and consideration of the important role that position plays in the game of poker.

Read these articles and improve your poker strategy.


Is poker easy to learn?

Learn from others. There are always ways to improve your grasp of the game of poker.


Texas Hold’em Terms

To play the game of poker, you need to speak the language of poker. There are many terms that play a role in poker lingo and only if you know them all, will you be able to completely fit in at the table. You must fully understand what is going on when you hear your opponents talking about boats, burns, sets, trips, or wheels.

To familiarize yourself with the terms of Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker, please check out our Poker Glossary. We’ve included not only common poker terms, but also poker terms that relate specifically to the game of online poker.

Start learning Texas Hold’em Poker terms.



We hope our Texas Hold'em Poker Guide is helpful to you as you learn to become a master of the game of poker. Make sure to bookmark the pages of this Texas Hold'em guide so that you will get the full benefit of our tips, terms, and tools of the game.

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