The Rules of Online 7 Card Stud Poker

7 Card Stud

7 Card Stud is a variant of the game of stud poker, and until the advent of Texas Hold'em, was the most popular version played in both home games and at casinos.

The most important difference between this and other poker game versions is that when you play 7 Card Stud, there are no "community" cards. Each player has his own individual hand, and in fixed limit games, there are two bet limits.

There are 7 Card Stud cash tables and tournaments at Titan Poker and you'll be a top stud poker player in no time.

Below is an example of how a poker game round would proceed according to the rules of 7 Card Stud.


The 7 Card Stud Game Round

Before the Game: This poker game is played with up to 8 players (not including the virtual dealer). "Ante" and "Bring-in" minimums should be determined before the game begins.

Hole Cards: The first two cards dealt to each player in the game, placed face-down.

Ante: In Stud poker games, antes function similarly to blinds in Holdem or Omaha games; they guarantee money in the pot for whoever wins the hand. The ante is a fraction of the lower table stake and is placed at the start of the hand by each player in the game.

3rd Street: The next card to be dealt to each player after the two hole cards, placed face-up.

1st Betting Round: The player who shows the lowest ranking face-up card (3rd Street) begins the first round of betting. In the event that players show cards of similar value, the order is determined by suit.

The beginning player can either place a complete bet (equal to the minimum table stake), or a bring-in, which is less than a complete bet and acts as an additional type of blind to guarantee money in the pot. If a subsequent player calls with a complete bet, the beginning player is required to add only the difference in order to complete the bet, should they decide to call. Other players can choose to call, complete the bet, or raise.

4th Street: The 4th Street cards are dealt face-up.

2nd Betting Round: In this round the player with the highest ranking exposed cards begins the betting round, and bring-ins are not required. High limits are allowed at this stage and are mandatory on any subsequent bets in this round, if they are introduced.

5th Street: The 5th Street cards are dealt face-up.

3rd Betting Round: Same as 2nd betting round above, however the high limit is now mandatory.

6th Street: The 6th Street cards are dealt face-up.

4th Betting Round: Same as 2nd and 3rd betting rounds above. The player holding the highest-ranking hand begins the next round of betting and high limits are mandatory. Each remaining player now holds 6 cards.

River: The final "River" cards are dealt face-down.

5th Betting Round: This final round of betting proceeds similarly to round 4 above.

Showdown: After the 5th betting round has taken place, it is time to determine the winner. The last player to have placed a bet or raised shows their hand first and the highest ranking five-card hand takes the pot.

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