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At Titan Poker, you'll find a suite of features and functionality not available on any other poker network anywhere on the Internet. Guaranteed!


Client Features Table Features
Preview Settings
Lobby View Four Color Deck Option
Mini Table View Keyboard Play Support
Titan Poker Points Player Notes
Real-time Game History Buddy List
Multicurrency Options Hand History Replay Tool
Real-time Transaction History Quick Deposit Functionality
Live Support Configurable Betting Buttons
Auto Re-buy in Tournaments Time Bank
Toast Notifications Twister Poker
Widget Bar Cash Table Groups
Buy-in & Fee Consolidation Tournament Pop-up & Notification Settings


Four Color Deck Option

Do you have a hard time telling Hearts and Diamonds apart? Choose our Four Color Deck option and you'll see the cards in four distinct colors!

Titan Poker Features

Keyboard Play Support

Make your multi-table poker sessions easier with our keyboard shortcuts. Located on the betting slider, you can find special hot key options for folding, checking, calling, betting and raising.

Player Notes

Get a head start when playing against players you've played with in the past - simply click on the player's name and you'll be able to add a short note for that player; this note will be displayed every time you meet this player in any of the Titan Poker tables and can serve as an invaluable source of information on the player's playing tendencies.

Buddy List

Have you met a player you'd like to play with again? Just mark the player as your buddy by clicking his name tag and check the status of your online buddies whenever you activate Titan Poker in the future.

Titan Poker Points

Points are Titan Poker's unique player reward program - players earn Points as they play in ring tables and in tournaments. Bonuses are released as players earn Points. Players can also buy-in to special tournaments for Points, and they can exchange Points for cash during promotional periods. For more information about Titan Poker Points, click here and for information about how bonuses are released in exchange for Points, click here.

Real-time Game History

Titan Poker allows you to review your recent game history in-real time from within the poker game - your past moves from the recent history, hands, bets, losses, etc are displayed in clear and easy to understand graphical format for quick and simple analysis.

Hand History Replay Tool

The "Replayer" is a Flash component that allows you to replay an entire session, hand for hand, in a video format. This innovative feature allows you to review every hand of your past sessions, from the last 30 days.

Replay Image

Real-time Transaction History

A real-time, detailed history of all your previous financial transactions, including deposits, cashouts and bonuses, is accessible from within the game software at the click of a button. This standard of transparency and account integrity is unmatched by any other poker site.

Live Support

Need help or assistance mid-game? Not too sure how to get started? At Titan Poker help is only a mouse-click away. Titan Poker lets you connect in real-time with its Live Online Support, manned by an experienced support personnel available 24*7 to handle all your gaming queries.

Quick Deposit Functionality

This option allows you to make a deposit at the click of your mouse, directly from the poker table.

Auto Re-buy in Tournaments

Auto Re-buy allows you to easily set your automatic re-buys into tournaments and for uninterrupted game play.
You can Auto Re-buy when you stack is finished, or you can set Auto Early Re-buy for when your stack goes below a specific amount above zero.
Only one of the two options can be utilized at once.

Software Updates

The Titan Poker software updates page lists some of the most recent upgrades and new exciting features added to the free Titan Poker Software.



You can customize your game environment by adjusting any of the following options:

Table - view hand strength; show folded cards; remember table positioning; auto muck, auto top-up for cash games; and more.

Avatar - show an avatar, and select a graphic to use as your avatar.

Chat - show dealer chat; show player chat; show player actions; and more.

System - auto login; store hand history locally; auto-open tournament lobby; and more.

Audio - sound; dealer sound; time bank sound; and audio volume.

Time bank - for cash tables and tournaments.

Toast notifications - enable notifications on cash tables and/or tournaments.

Widgets - show Widget bar.

Mult Tables - take focus from other tables, applications.

Cards - choose deck and/or 4 colour deck.

Casino games - use large cards; game speed, and more.

In any Titan Poker review, you will see all of these features getting strong praise, in addition to the exciting poker cash game and tournament action available in the software. Anyone asking the question, 'is Titan Poker legit?' will rest assured after playing poker with these user-friendly features. The Titan Poker software is your place to play online poker.

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