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Poker can be a solitary game, as you must make all decisions how to play a hand on your own. However, poker is a game played with real people as your opponents. In many cases, shared experiences at the felt lead to other players becoming your friends. It’s completely natural for you to want to tell your bad beat stories and brag about your tournament wins with your newfound poker friends.

Also, in order to improve your poker skills and strategy, you may want to ask your friends and even poker players who you don’t know personally for their advice. The appearance of poker communities, both offline and online, has therefore been a natural development and one that attracts poker players of all ages and backgrounds.


Poker Societies and Clubs

Offline, many poker communities form around the places where the game of poker is played, whether it is a fancy casino or a lounge at a university. Many colleges have poker societies or clubs that organize cultural events and/or poker tournament competitions. Casinos recognize their loyal poker players and award them with the special benefits typically granted to casino game players.

An example of a poker community is the Warwick University Poker Society in England which states it organizes weekly tournaments and provides a system “through which poker players from throughout the university can meet and play.” Another example is the American Miami Poker Society, which calls itself “the perfect place to play poker and meet people.”

Sailors play poker

Online Poker Communities

Poker communities were quick to spread across the Internet with the growth of online poker’s popularity. Many affiliate websites are in fact poker communities, as the affiliates organize tournaments and promotions for their players at the different online poker rooms they promote.

Poker news websites are also poker communities. They attract an audience of players interested in the latest news from the poker world. The websites of PokerNews and PokerListings give players a sense of belonging and actively treat their visitors like community members. is a poker strategy community whose members interact both online and offline, at tournaments and in forums.


Poker Forums

Players seem to spend as much time at the well known poker forums as they do playing online poker. CardsChat describes itself as “a worldwide poker community” and has a very active poker forum. In addition, CardsChat provides a wide range of poker resources and poker site reviews.

The Two Plus Two Forum is known as a leading online discussion board of everything poker. There are forums where members can discuss strategy, bad beats, brick and mortar casinos, coaching and poker legislation.

Pocket Fives is a poker forum which also ranks players based on their tournament play. posts strategy discussions, hand analysis and more.

Sailors play poker

Poker and Social Media

Titan Poker has created a Facebook poker community with more than 25,000 likes so far. Facebook fans are invited to comment on daily posts and poker scenarios, and to share poker stories and promotion notices. Titan Poker regularly stages exclusive freeroll tournaments for its Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

The game of poker continues to attract players. Poker communities are growing in popularity as part of the poker gaming experience.


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